Industry News

Slate: Scientists Figure Out How to Regrow Teeth
Scientists have figured out a way to regenerate teeth with lasers--which could transform dentistry, according to Slate magazine.

First Implant May Have Been Discovered!
According to Dentistry Today, what could be the first dental implant was discovered in France and appears to be about 2,300 years old. 

MicroDental Laboratories Receives DAMAS Accreditation
MicroDental, one of AACD's corporate partners, has received its DAMAS renewal Accreditation for 2014. 
DAMAS is designed to allow dental laboratories to demonstrate that they follow FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring patient safety. Less than 1% of more than 7,000 U.S. dental laboratories are DAMAS certified.

Study: Fewer Americans Fear Root Canals
According to a recent industry survey by the American Association of Endodontists, just over half of respondents, 54%, said root canals make them apprehensive, down from 60% in 2013 — the lowest numbers reported since the AAE began its annual survey in 2011. The majority of respondents also said they want to avoid losing a permanent tooth. 

NADL Launches Social Media Platforms
The National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) has launched two new social media outlets that will serve as the foundation of NADL's ongoing public awareness campaign.

The Value of Speaking Spanish in Your Dental Office
This Dentistry IQ article discusses how you and your dental office can benefit by breaking down some language barriers.


AACD Accredited Fellow Collaborates with SmilePix
AACD Accredited Fellow, Dr. Lorin Berland, has collaborated with SmilePix to create the new Lorin Smle Styles to help design custom smile simulations.