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Technology Trends—Making Cosmetic Dental Visits Faster and Easier (PDF)
New technologies are cutting down patient office time at least 50 percent, increasing patient safety, and making the whole dental process easier and more comfortable. 

AACD patient bride smilingA White Wedding—Creating The Most Important Smile of Your Life (PDF)
Cosmetic dentists predict professional teeth whitening will be the top office procedure for 2011. Brides and grooms are one of the main groups to take advantage of the quick (45 minutes) and dramatic results offered by in-office whitening.

Senior Trends—Cosmetic Dentistry Enhances Quality of Life (PDF)
A major area of growth in 2011 will be dental implants, or replacement of missing or decayed teeth, due to the aging population.

Teen Trends—How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost A Teen's Confidence (PDF)
Orthodontics and teeth whitening are the top cosmetic dental procedures for teens today.

Top Reasons People Seek Out Cosmetic Dentistry (PDF)
According to the latest 2011 cosmetic dentist survey, the following are the most common reasons patients seek specialized care: improved appearance, self esteem, professional success, health and improved relationships.

Botox in the Dentist Chair—Cosmetic Dentistry and the Fountain of Youth
An increasing number of trained cosmetic dentists are adding the purely cosmetic BOTOX procedure to their offering in 2011.