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Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Dentists
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation's (AACDCF) Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program provides dental care at no cost to adult survivors of domestic and sexual violence who have received traumatic dental injuries to their smile-zone as a result of abuse.  Participating dentists will donate their time and talents to restore or replace damaged teeth.  

Bruises and scars fade, but broken teeth cannot repair themselves.  The GBAS program is the only nationwide program serving this unmet need.  We urge you to join us in what may be the most important program you will participate in during your dental career.

GBAS Volunteer and Recipient

Become a Volunteer Dentist or call (800) 543.9220 about your interest in becoming a volunteer dentist
Volunteer Laboratories
Laboratories can help restore lives by donating laboratory work necessary to restore smiles.  
Volunteer laboratory participation is vital to the GBAS program's success and can be a gratifying experience as you share your resources and talents with a survivor in need.
Become a Volunteer Laboratory or call (800) 543.9220 about your interest in becoming a volunteer laboratory Click here to read program guidelines for volunteer laboratories
FAQ's about becoming a Give Back a Smile Volunteer
Q: Since many of the survivors in this program are female and may have a fear of males because of their past, what can I do, as a male dentist, to ensure the survivor feels like she is being treated in a safe place by a caring professional that wants nothing more than to offer assistance?