Resources for Success
Dr. Hawary
AACD provides its Members in the Process of Accreditation the tools and resources they need to more confidently and smoothly work their way through the Accreditation process. Here are some of the resources available to help make the journey to Accreditation pain free:
Accreditation mentor Volunteer Mentor Program
The Voluntary Mentor Program  is available to those members in the process of Accreditation that are looking for someone that will help guide them with any questions they may have on the Accreditation process. Mentors are Accreditation Examiners who volunteer their time and expertise to assist colleagues who are attempting to earn the credential. Learn More.
Accreditation workshop

Accreditation workshops are wonderful learning tools. The two workshops required for Accreditation are the Accreditation Workshop and the Criteria Workshop. Learn More.

Accreditation Criteria Guide

Additional Resources
AACD provides dozens of resources, guides, templates, and helps to make success more predictable and put you on the fast track to Accreditation. Access Accreditation Resources Here.