Joy of Giving

This form only takes seconds to complete and can forever change the smile—and the life—of a survivor of domestic violence.

You can help heal the effects of domestic violence by making a tax deductible financial contribution to the Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program. A $200 donation will make it possible for one survivor of domestic violence to regain her smile and every $1 you donate, is leveraged 16 times in donated dental services.    


Learn how GBAS restored Mona's life:

It was the day after Valentine’s when the man I thought loved me shot me at close range.

My jaw was shattered and my palate severely damaged. Yet I wouldn’t learn this until days later when I was awakened from a medically induced coma.

I was devastated ... and disfigured.  

While grateful to be alive, my face had become a gruesome and inescapable reminder of one person’s brutality. That all changed when I was given the phone number for GBAS.

GBAS was able return to me the smile that had been so violently stolen.

Please support GBAS so they can continue to help other abuse survivors like me!


GBAS Program Recipient

If you are having difficulties making your online donation, please call us at 1.800.543.9220.