Open Accreditation FAQs

1. What is the benefit for allowing non-members to pursue and achieve Accreditation?

First and foremost, allowing non-members to pursue and achieve Accreditation is about strengthening and validating the credential. As stated in our Accreditation purpose; “Achieving Accreditation by the AACD requires dedication to continuing education, careful adherence to the protocols, and a resolve to produce exceptional dentistry.” Membership, as well as age, gender, race, education, and location are not prerequisites for demonstrating excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Organizational membership is not a prerequisite for specialty board certification. While cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty in dentistry, the credibility of Accreditation is enhanced when viewed as a service to the public rather than a self-serving membership service.1
1 Reference: Professional Practices in Association Management. Cox, JB

2. How will non-members be listed on our website?

Website listings for Accredited Fellows, Accredited Members, Accreditation Candidates,
Sustaining Members, Participating Members, and General Members are all a benefit of membership and non-members will not be listed.

3. What happens if a non-member uses the AACD logo inappropriately?

Non-members will be required to follow the AACD advertising guidelines. Under the second guideline it states: “Likewise, if a non-member announces or advertises membership in the Academy, the individual and the appropriate licensing body will be informed of fraudulent advertising. The Academy may, in its discretion, take legal or other action against such persons infringing upon the AACD “trademarks.”

4. Open Accreditation may benefit the credential, but how will it benefit the Academy?

The AACD is the founder and creator of this exceptional credentialing process which creates increased awareness of the Academy. The American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry (ABCD) feels the Academy may also benefit from this by becoming an additional portal into the AACD by increasing membership. This announcement to the profession may create positive buzz around the AACD and at the annual scientific session. In addition, increased use of the AACD logo may strengthen recognition to the profession and the public.

5. If I wanted to pursue Accreditation, why would I join the Academy?

Requirements for individuals in the Accreditation process will be identical for members, and non-members. Non-members will not have the benefits of membership (i.e. online membership listing, eLearning, business partner discounts) and will be required to pay higher non-member fees for the written examination, clinical case examinations, the oral examination, credentialing guides, workshops, and meeting tuition.

6. Once Accredited, why remain a member of the AACD?

Accredited Members of the AACD will pay yearly dues and receive all the membership benefits including the website listing in the directory and member meeting tuition.

7. Why would anyone want to become Accredited and not become a member of the AACD?

That is a good question. Some individuals may maintain all the professional memberships wanted but understand the value of education and the professional benefits from achieving Accreditation in cosmetic dentistry. However, paying more for fewer benefits does not make much sense, especially in today’s economic climate.