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February 2001 Comments to AACD Board of Governors from Protocol Committee
“Ms. Hale’s comments were that our documents, the Overview and Testing Protocol, were very good, but she did have specific recommendations for program improvement. The basic idea is that in order for the Accreditation process to have greater credibility in the profession and community at large, the “intake” process could be improved. This means that Accreditation would be open to all dentists and technicians, whether AACD members or not. The effect would give credentialing a more broad and universal appeal, and therefore credibility in the industry at large. The National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) oversees and makes recommendations to bodies such as ours regarding professional competency and specialty.”
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November 2009 Comments to Bradley J. Olson, DDS from Jim Kendzel, MPH
"The National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Accreditation process does not allow for an eligibility requirement stating an individual belong to an organization as a requirement for certification. The eligibility for certification must be fair and unbiased and also specifically linked to the ability of that individual to perform the profession/occupation covered by the certification program.

The NCCA Standards have been written to prevent undue influence from a parent organization or the professional association representing the profession covered by the certification program. Examples often cited to represent undue influence by a parent organization or the organization representing the profession are: placing a “quota” on the number of individuals certified each year, requiring restrictive eligibility requirements not related to competency, and randomly choosing a pass/fail criteria as opposed to developing a psychometrically valid cut score.

In addition to the NCCA Standards, IS 17024 is another standard covering quality requirements for certification organizations. ISO 17024 specifically states,
“The policies and procedures of the certification body and administration shall be related to the criteria in which certification is sought, shall be fair and equitable among all candidates, and shall comply with all applicable regulations and statutory requirements. The certification body shall not use procedures to impede or inhibit access by applicants and candidates, except as provided for in this International Standard.”

I hope this information is helpful.

Jim Kendzel, MPH
Former Executive Director
Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)
(formerly the National Organization for Competency Assurance)

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