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Halloween Candies to Avoid
Some popular Halloween candies can be scary for your smile! See what candies you should steer clear of this Halloween. 
Domestic, Sexual Violence Victims' Smiles Restored
Through the AACDCF's Give Back a Smile program, survivors of domestic and sexual violence who have suffered dental injuries can now smile again.
AACD Announces Smile Story Contest Winners
See who made the finalist list in the AACD's first-ever smile makeover contest and keep watching for updates regarding these patients' new smile stories.
AACD Announces Most Sought-After Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
What made the top of the list? Click here to find out!
AACD to Award Smile Makeovers Through 'Smile Story Contest'
The Academy is giving up to five individuals the chance to receive life-changing smile makeovers from AACD Member Dentist and Laboratory Technicians.
AACD Means Responsible Esthetics
AACD Members embrace the importance of responsible esthetics when treating their patients. To read more about what AACD Members stand for, click here.
responsible esthetics minimally invasive
AACD Experts Embrace Natural Looking Tooth Trend
Not blessed with perfect teeth? No need to worry. It's time to embrace tiny tooth imperfections, say AACD Experts. Read more.


Smile Check Ups Should Be Part of Healthy Routine For Seniors
Seniors can keep their smiles looking young by following a few tips from the AACD. Read more. 
Raising the Bar on Healthy Smiles: Tooth-friendly Cocktails and Drinks
The AACD has partnered with mixologists and Dr. Ken Banks to provide tasty cocktail recipes (including non-alcoholic drinks) using smile friendly ingredients. Read the release here.
AACD Offers Recipe For the Perfect Wedding Smile Want to have a smile that dazzles your wedding guests? Check out this special recipe and tips from AACD Member dentists. Read the release here.
AACD Dentist Advice: Taking the Bite Out of Migraines
Here are six painful symptoms related to migraines that you shouldn't ignore. Read the release here.
Five Spring Cleaning Tips For a Healthy Mouth
Annual spring cleaning rituals should also include taking inventory of teeth cleaning routines. Read the release here.
New Study Reveals Keys to Memorable First Impressions
To make a great first impression, you've got to have a great smile. The AACD has created an e-guide, First Impressions in the Digital Age, with tips on how to project an amazing presence. Read the release here.

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