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2013 Holiday Gift Guide from AACD
Give the Gift of a WhiteSmile

A whiter, brighter smile is on everyone’s wish lists this year! Here are some gift ideas to help you or a loved one smiling white and bright this holiday season:

GOSmile Touch-up Smile Perfecting Ampoules
(30 count) – Retail price -$35.00  
Available for purchase at:

It’s the perfect gift for erasing all those holiday or birthday eating, drinking or smoking stains. Single-dose ampoules in three delicious sugar-free flavors –green apple, mint or watermelon. Just flip open and touch up to keep breath fresh and teeth polished for that white, bright smile.

Editors: Individual Go Smile holiday product photo is available upon request.

Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Saturated Lip Color duo and Brush On Tooth Whitener Vanity
Retail Price: $6.00

Available for purchase at: 
Give your lips a pop of color while whitening your teeth!

The Hard Candy lip color duo and brush-on tooth whitener is the perfect stocking stuffer.
Keep one in your purse, office desk, or anywhere else for a quick refresh. Available in different colors.


Chic-Flic TOGO Pen
Retail price- $29.99 

Available for purchase at:

Perfect for anyone on the go, give this dual-sided tooth whitener and lip-gloss plumper in one featuring a sexy red case with built-in mirrors and mini LED lights. It delivers visibly whiter teeth in just a few applications, without causing sensitivity. Guy-friendly version is also available.

“The Chic Flic had just been introduced at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.  I got one for my fiancee.  We were out to dinner at a very expensive, but crowded, Italian restaurant in Manhattan.  After dinner, my fiancee, trapped between tables on either side, took out the Chic Flic to freshen up her "whitened" teeth after the red wine we consumed.  She was applying the whitening touch-up using the lighted mirror, when the women at BOTH of the neighboring tables turned to her and asked where she got it.  They were fascinated.”

Dr. Marty Zase
Accredited Member and Past-President (2006-2007)
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Editors: Individual Chic Flic holiday product photo is available upon request.

SuperSmile Advanced Professional Whitening Gum
Retail price -$24.00

Available for purchase at:

Sweet treats are great but why not mix it up a bit with a healthy gift that gives back.  Enjoy a refreshing original mint flavored chewing gum featuring Calprox® which incorporates Baking Soda to help eliminate germs and freshen breath. Safely removes surface stains, cleans teeth and protects against cavities.

"Chewing a sugarless gum like SuperSmile after meals is an excellent way to stimulate your mouth's natural cleansing abilities to keep your smile white, clean, and fresh, and if the sugarless gum has added smile brightening capabilities then that is a fabulous added bonus!"

Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton, D.D.S.
Accredited Member American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Editors: Individual SuperSmile holiday product photo is available upon request.

Dog Butt Floss
Retail price -$15

Available for purchase at:

Who among us doesn’t forget to floss?  Any one on your gift list from Aunt Anna to little Billy will love this quirky dog butt floss dispenser that sticks on the mirror and offers a humorous reminder to keep those pearly whites clean.

Editors: Individual Fanimals floss holiday product photo is available upon request.

Pearly Wipes
Retail price - $6.95 per pack

Available for purchase at:

Here’s a simple gift that offers the perfect mistletoe or birthday kiss prep. These new wipes clean and protect your smile and offer a minty freshen-up after meals. This 20-wipe pack, complete with mirror, prevents staining from beverages such as wine, coffee, tea, soda or fruit juice.

Editors: Individual Pearly Wipes holiday product photo is available upon request.

Holiday Makeup Idea

And, here's a makeup tip from on which teeth-brightening lipsticks to choose for holiday photos, parties, and more! 

“Cool lipsticks have a blue undertone to them such as true pinks and apple red.  Avoid any lipsticks that are orange, brick red, or yellow tinted pinks- the yellow undertones will bring out the yellow in your teeth.”