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2013 State of the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry Survey (PDF)
Following the 2011 survey, this November 2013 report provides some updated information about the cosmetic dentistry industry and where it's heading.

A Picture Perfect Smile: The Secret to Attractiveness at Any Age
A smile can withstand the test of time, according to the AACD's recent research with Kelton. See all of the study's highlights and infographics here.

2012 Aging and Beauty Study

The smile ranked No. 1 in recent research conducted by the AACD and Kelton measures consumers' attitudes about which physical features age well.

2012 Whitening Survey (PDF)
How popular is teeth whitening? The AACD recently conducted a survey on how many dentists perform whitening treatments.

2011 State of Cosmetic Dentistry Survey (PDF)
Research conducted in October-November 2011 sheds new light on the current state of the cosmetic dentistry industry in this report about dentists, patients, lab usage, finances, and procedures.

2007 State of Cosmetic Dentistry Survey (PDF)
The AACD has conducted a survey about the state of cosmetic dentistry and the prevalence and costs of cosmetic dental procedures.

Can a New Smile Make You Appear More Intelligent? (MS Word)
New research by the AACD shows that a new smile can make a person appear more intelligent, among other desirable character traits.