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What Are Your Targets For 2011?

by Roger Levin

target number one Present cosmetic treatment to 100 percent of patients

Targets are specific goals that can motivate your team to improve performance. Even the most successful practices face challenges when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. According to 2010 Dental Economics/Levin Group Annual Practice Survey, elective treatment only comprised 20% of practice production for general practices. But, there are opportunities to increase cosmetic production, and one way is through targets.

Here are critical targets that Levin Group clients have used to improve practice performance and increase cosmetic production:

  1. Present cosmetic treatment to 100% of patients
  2. Increase cosmetic case acceptance by 15–20%
  3. Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations to 1% or less
  4. Have at least 40% of your patients refer someone else to your practice
  5. Increase cosmetic production by 15% or more
1. Present Cosmetic Treatment to 100% of Patients
Some dentists are quick to rule out certain patients for cosmetic treatment based on appearance, socioeconomic status or other factors. Remember, almost everyone would love to have a better, whiter smile. To get patients on the cosmetic bandwagon, you don’t have to start them out with a full series of anterior veneers. Introduce your patients to cosmetic dentistry through procedures like whitening, in-office or professional at-home.

2. Increase Cosmetic Acceptance by 15–20%
The more patients you present cosmetic options to, the more are likely to say “yes.” Of course, the entire dental team­—including the dentist—should undergo training using powerful scripts that emphasize patient benefits and build value for recommended treatment.

3. Reduce No-Shows and Last-Minute Cancellations to 1% or Less
To reduce no-shows and cancellations significantly, front desk personnel and other key team members should build value for all treatment. They should confirm appointments two days in advance by text, email, and/or cell phone. Scripts should also remind patients that the practice’s schedule has been designed to serve their unique needs and the needs of all other patients.

4. Have at Least 40% of Your Patients Refer Someone Else to Your Practice
Most patients will gladly refer friends and family if they are happy with the care provided and know your practice is accepting new patients. Practices must take the initiative—they can’t wait for patients to suddenly make a referral out of the blue. Remember, patients are busy and their dental experience may not be top-of-mind. However, your dental team could be trained to say something like this to patients during checkout: “Mrs. Jones, we are currently accepting new patients. If you know someone who could benefit from our services, please let him or her know about our practice. Here’s our card, pass it on to them…”

5. Increase Cosmetic Production by 15% or More
This fifth target is the culmination of the previous four targets. If you can consistently hit the other four targets each month, then you will achieve this last target. What you can accomplish day-in-day-out and month by month will determine your performance for the year. Putting all the seemingly little things together will yield big-time results.

Every practice has the potential to increase cosmetic case acceptance. Turn potential into production with these five targets!