Volume 27 Issue 3

  Volume 27 • Issue 2
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Table of Contents:

Guest Editorial
Veneers and Responsible Esthetics by John Calamia, DMD {free access}

Up Front
Digital Smile Design—The Smart Tool for Engaging Savvy Patients by Edward A. McLaren, DDS

President's Message
Is AACD an "Apple"? by John K. Sullivan, DDS, AAACD

Behind the Smile
A Defined Smile by W. Johnston Rowe, DDS, AAACD

Speaker Spotlight—Boston 
Interview with Dr. Gordon Christensen by David Eshom, DDS, AAACD and George Tysowsky, DDS, AAACD 

Give Back a Smile
Together Strong by Thomas W. Monahan, III, DMD

Accreditation Essentials
Clinical Case Type I: Changing Appearance to Improve Function by Naoki Ned Shimizu, DDS, AAACD
Examiners Observations: Combining Accreditation with Treatment Protocols by Scott Finlay, DMS, FAGD, FAACD
Accreditation Tips: The Importance of Using Your Resources by James H.Peyton, DDS, FAACD


Visually Speaking: The Art and Application of Studying Nature by Joshua Polansky, MDC
Clinical Cover Story: Enhancing Nature to Achieve Patients' Desires by W. Johnston Rowe, JR., DDS, AAACD and Wayne B. Payne, AAACD
Myths vs. Realities: Prepped and "Prep-less" Veneers 
by Brian P. LeSage, DDS, FAACD and Dennis J. Wells, DDS, AAACD
20 Tips on Resin Veneer Cements by Carlos A. Munoz-Viveros, DDS, MSD  {free access}
Visualizing Treatment Outcomes by Bradley L. Jones, FAACD and Tim Huff, DDS
Lifelike Characteristics Demonstrating Predictable Durability by George Priest, DMD


CE Article 
Colors, Shapes, and Arrangements for Comprehensive Results by Matthew R. Roberts, CDT, AAACD., Franklin Shull, DMD., James F. Fondriest, DDS and Thomas F. Trinkner, DDS, AAACD