Contemporary Product Solutions awards Gluma®
Desensitizer PowerGel 5-Diamonds, its highest rating
Contemporary Product Solutions recently announced that it has awarded Gluma® Desensitizer PowerGel by Heraeus a 5-Diamond rating, its highest ranking. Contemporary Product Solutions is a digital magazine designed to provide expertise in the clinical evaluation of dental products and equipment from the ‘total team perspective’. Highlights of the evaluation are listed below; results of the complete survey can be found online.
Gluma® PowerGel is a one-step desensitizer in a gel form contained inside a syringe with Brush Tips.
Gluma Desensitizer PowerGel is indicated for the reduction or elimination of pain in exposed cervical areas that do not require restoration and the reduction or elimination of dentin sensitivity after preparation of teeth to receive fixed prosthesis or restorations. Specific uses include: under crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, provisionals, and on cervical erosion, gingival recession and all bonded procedures.
Each evaluator received 4-1g syringes, 20 Brush Cannulas and a Pictorial Card with detailed instructions.
Gluma PowerGel was reviewed by 20 evaluation teams and used on 174 patients and more than 225 teeth. All evaluators were very pleased with the great results they received while using the product, and all liked that Gluma PowerGel was tinted green and easy to see during placement. The tinted color, they said, also helped to ensure that excess gel was removed during the rinse.
During the evaluation, Gluma PowerGel was used for multiple applications including use in provisional and final restorative procedures, which were reported as the top indications in evaluators’ practices. Eight of the clinicians reported use before and after whitening, and 10 hygienists reported use prior to scaling and root planning. Six clinicians said they have been using Gluma for years, while four said prior to the evaluation that they had never used a desensitizer. Some evaluators wished Gluma PowerGel did not have to be rinsed after use, one hygiene evaluator wished it had a thicker consistency, and an assistant evaluator said it would be great if it came in a variety of shades.
Overall, the product was ranked most highly and the CPS Review Team awarded Gluma Desensitizer PowerGel, a 5-Diamond score, its top rating. For more information on the Gluma® line of desensitizing products, visit or call (877) 431-1785.