My First week as President!

The AACD annual Scientific Session in Washington was a resounding success. The vibe was positive and exciting, the programs ran like clockwork and everyone is still talking about the opening reception at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History....our very own night at the Museum! WOW!  Congratulations to the entire staff for putting on such an incredible event.

When one looks behind the scenes to see how much planning, work and effort goes into this huge undertaking, one realizes that this is just one small piece of the puzzle that is the huge international scope of the AACD. 

I am so honoured and proud to be President of such a wonderful organization filled with people of passion and caring, not only for our patients, our families, and the victims of domestic violence we so caringly treat, but also for caring so much about this Academy.

We are all on the same team, working hard to make this Academy better.  My focus, our focus, must be clearly defined to keep this Academy strong and relevant as we move into the future. The world is changing and so must we.

Building on the past is important, keeping what is working, and what will help carry us forward. That is what traditions are made of, and these traditions like the Grand Entrance, are what people talk about for years, what we all look forward to.  What we stand for and our purpose will never change, but the way we achieve that purpose, the programs we provide, and the way we provide them must adapt to the changing world.

This week, has been wonderful as the transition has been completed, some new efforts have already been established by ways of committees and councils to allow all the leadership to work together as a team, the focus is clear and the team is in place to move us forward to create a roadmap to the future.

Only four days in, and our sleeves have been rolled up, and we, all of us--leadership, staff and committees--are already hard at work, and having fun doing it!


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