Fun and Frolic in Madison Wisconsin

Getting ready for the June Board meetings, it was time to pack. Luggage is getting larger from the days when I could throw in a pair of jeans and few t-shirts and head off to the airport. Now there are file folders, suits and ties (OMG!), and on this particular day, 23 stuffed toy beavers to give out to the staff in Madison.
The customs agent raised a few eyebrows and pointed to the secondary inspection line…”You got some 'splanin to do, Lucy!”  After a 30-minute session where U.S customs verified this Canadian’s claim to being President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry--and a lot of smirking as he was rummaging through my luggage--they let me board the plane. 
Needless to say, the beavers provided an entire weekend of comments and jokes, and I am afraid I have cemented my legacy within this Academy….although it could be a lot worse!
I want my Presidential year to be known for lots of hard work, a great sense of humour, the desire to keep it fun, and to ensure open communication to promote teamwork, trust, and camaraderie amongst the leadership. 
It’s working. These efforts have been embraced by all of our leaders, both past and present, and the feeling of friendship, teamwor,k and energy during this past meeting is living proof that all it takes is to be nice. Figures it took a Canadian to get this one right!
On a more serious note, looking into the crystal ball is providing an interesting challenge to create a road map to the future, to determine how the Academy can be proactive to deal with the trends and issues that face us, and to be prepared for change as opposed to not being forced to react to it.
We have changed the focus of the Board to one of future vision with detailed direction and oversight of our staff. We have spent 2 ½ years figuring out governance, and beta testing it, and now are finally able to use these new “rules of administration” to make things happen. We look so good this year only because of the hard work of the Presidents who paved the way for this year to unfold as it should. Thank you!
Our meetings were filled with experts discussing the trends in dentistry (nothing we didn’t expect, but nice to confirm our suspicions with graphs and numbers) along with taking care of business items and a good mix of leadership development!
It was a fantastic agenda, exactly what a Board should be doing, and I am so proud of the participation. We have the right people on this board, a great mix of skill sets and diversity and we worked together as a team to make the appropriate decisions on behalf of the members of this Academy.
We are off to a great start. It was unanimously felt that we worked hard yet  we still had fun and frolic in Madison!

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