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The kids were well behaved, polite, grateful and very happy and friendly.>

The kids were well behaved, polite, grateful and very happy and friendly.

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Photo 1 of 18 by Elizabeth Cousineau · 7/8/17 5:33am · 12 days ago


1Dilara · 2/27/12 8:22am · 5 years 5 months ago · Edit · Delete
Muy buen post...pero lo mas lindo es ese bebe poiecrso....!!!! para comerselo a besos con ese dientico...!!!!Abrazos paisanita y feliz fin de semana :)
2Brianda · 9/28/12 8:24pm · 4 years 10 months ago · Edit · Delete
No, tooth would NOT help in this case, The discoloration is WAY too deep inidse the structure of the tooth. The best thing would be to get porcelain veneers made by your dentist. It involves little if any grinding of the tooth itself, and the results look extremely natural. It is not cheap, however, but it is significantly cheaper than getting crowns, and does not permanently damage the tooth like a crown would.
3Karess · 1/11/13 10:29pm · 4 years 7 months ago · Edit · Delete
Damn, I wish I could think of somtehing smart like that!
4Pai · 9/9/13 7:29pm · 3 years 11 months ago · Edit · Delete
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5Anonymous · 7/8/17 5:33am · 12 days ago · Edit · Delete
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