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Dr. Goodlin doing dentistry in the field.>

Dr. Goodlin doing dentistry in the field.

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1Kinberlyl · 6/8/12 3:55pm · 5 years 2 months ago · Edit · Delete
she is obsessed with bhnrsiug her teeth! She brushes them every time she is done eating or drinking something other then water! I bought some teeth whitening from meijers. they may also have it at walmart or target. it is called Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel. It is a one step bleaching power. but it is different then just bleaching your teeth. it worked well and it was only 5$ Hope I was able to help! Good luck and keep bhnrsiug those teeth!! heh
2Petrisor · 9/28/12 6:28pm · 4 years 10 months ago · Edit · Delete
Would teeth whitening prcdouts work on white teeth discoloration from fluoride poisoning? I suffered from fluoride poisoning from the public water system when I was little, and now as an adult my teeth have bright white splotches on the off-white teeth. I was thinking of whitening my teeth to fix that, but whitening has to be done on the entire tooth, and the spots might become even whiter Would teeth whitening prcdouts help? Any recommendations or people who've tried this? Thanks.
3Javier · 10/1/12 2:22pm · 4 years 10 months ago · Edit · Delete
A cosmetic dnietst has the job of creating a beautiful smile for you. They often centers on improving the look and overall feel of your mouth, but they can also often help with problems with chewing, speaking and other areas. For many people, having a few changes to their oral makeup can help to boost self esteem and help to improve their overall ability to function properly. With so many options available to you today, you may be wondering what the right treatment option for you is. A cosmetic dnietst often will provide information and direction to an individual about recommendations for improving dental health. When you come in to see them, they will provide you with a good idea of what procedures are best to treat your condition.
4Lily · 7/8/17 5:24am · 12 days ago · Edit · Delete
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