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AACD Membership

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1.  Go to http://profiles.aacd.com/
2.  In the “Enter Name” search box, type your name and click Search Now.
3.  Find yourself among the search results and click View Profile.
4.  Click the orange Claim this profile button.
5.  Click Complete Your Listing Now to sign up for an enhanced profile, or click No, thank you. Take me to my free profile to claim your FREE profile. 


Troubleshooting and FAQs

My name doesn't show up in the search results!
You may have already tried to claim your page. Please check your email including your SPAM folder for a confirmation email that includes a link to activate your account. Once a page is claimed, but before it is activated, it is removed from the directory so no one else tries to claim it in the interim. If that's not the problem, call the platfom support help line at 888-660-8405.
I claimed my page and logged in, but I can't do anything!

You do not have full functionality until your account is activated.  When you claim your page, you will receive two emails: one that includes your log in information and another that includes your activation link. Once you receive the email that includes the activation link, you can click that link, activate your acount, and start updating! If that's not the problem, call the platfom support help line at 888-660-8405.

Can I upgrade to an Enhanced page later?

Yes! You can get Enhanced or go Pro at any time! To read more about the features of these accounts, click here.

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