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Take Advantage of the Consumer Traffic AACD is Driving to Find-a-Dentist

The AACD updated the Find-a-Dentist Locator website the week of February 26th, 2018. This update provides better value with a refreshed look and feel and better functionality for AACD members and consumers. Take advantage of your new enhanced profile, capitalize on prospective patients coming to the Find-a-Dentist website, and increase your chances of being found online through local search.


Q: Do I still have to claim my profile page?

A: No! When we updated this member benefit, we wanted to eliminate the step of having to claim your profile. Now, all member profiles will automatically be populated with your basic information and made active when you join.

Q: How do I get an enhanched profile on the new Find-a-Dentist website?

A: You already have one! All members automatically receive an enhanced profile. You no longer have to upgrade to an enhanced profile, but you do need to log in to update all of your profile's bells and whistles.

Q: What are the features of my new enhanced profile?

A: Every AACD member gets an enhanced profile that includes your basic information, an introductory paragraph, a bio, links to all of your social accounts, links to your blog, a map, embedded social feeds, a portfolio of pictures and videos, listing of your products/services, payment methods and insurances accepted, and your business hours. The more information you add to your profile, the better!

Q: Where and how do I log in to make changes to my profile?

A: Start by going to the Find-a-Dentist website at www.aacd.com/profiles and seaching for your profile. Then, scroll to the footer and click the "Log In" button. You can use your MyAACD credentials to log in and then you can make updates to your profile.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or issues with my new profile?

A: You can contact the AACD Executive Office with any issues. Call 1-800-543-9220 or email membership@aacd.com.

Q: Where is traffic to the Find-a-Dentist website coming from?

A: The AACD drives traffic to the Find-a-Dentist through our consumer awareness campaigns and our consumer website www.yoursmilebecomesyou.com.

Q: How does this help me show up in local searches? 

A: With around 5,500 member profiles, all with the capability to enhance their profiles with additional information and pictures, we’re adding tons of key word rich content to the website which will give it an extra SEO boost! The more key word rich content you add to your profile, the better it will perform in a local search.



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