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Affiliate Startup Guide and Resources

AACD Affiliate Startup Guide and Resources

Engaging AACD members and dental professionals locally for educational events and lectures can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, starting a new affiliate—or reenergizing an existing Affiliate—can be challenging. However, with some helpful resources from the AACD, this challenge can be easily completed.

Download the AACD Affiliate Startup Guide

Download the AACD Affiliate Startup Guide
So you want to start an AACD Affiliate near you, but how do you begin? The content of this get-started guide will help. It includes:

  • Getting Started
  • Getting People to Join Your Affiliate: Marketing Tips
  • How Can I Finance Some of Our Events?
  • How to Reduce Your Chapter's Expenses
  • How Can You Pull Off a Successful Affiliate Event?
  • Sample Articles of Incorporation.
  • Model Bylaws for AACD Affiliates
Finding Dental Speakers For Your Programs

Finding Speakers For Your Programs 

Here are some valuable resources to help AACD Affiliate organizations locate speakers for their events. Click here for a list of AACD educators willing to speak at AACD Affiliate events. Click here for a list of Sanctioned Credentialing Educators and AACD Branded Educators. Other resources: The Dental Advisor, and Directory of Dental Speakers.

list of potential vendor contacts

Vendor Contacts 

For AACD Affiliate use only, here's a list of potential vendor contacts from AACD Document Sharing (requires login) who may be interested in exhibiting or sponsoring your event.

AACD Affiliate Logos

AACD Affiliate Logos

Click here to download Affiliate logos from Document Sharing (requires login).

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