Transitioning into the Presidency

It has been a very busy time as I prepare to step into some very big shoes. John Sullivan has done a wonderful job this year. He has provided  a tremendous calm influence and has been a huge success as President of this Academy. I only hope I can do as well. Thanks John and congratulations on a fantastic year!

I must also commend our staff who continue to do a fantastic job running this academy from the direction that is set by the Board. Ed Simeone and his staff are just simply amazing with their expertise and passion for the academy. Congratulations and thank you to you all. this academy would not be what or where it is if it wasn't for all of you.

Many appointments must be recommended for committees and boards, meetings and agendas must be planned, and there have been many phone calls and meetings in preparation. Of course there is the introduction at the Gala on Saturday night to think about as well as a short longer than 1 hour I was told! LOL! It will be fun and not to be missed! I'll give you a  hint, if you are a "Smartie" you will be there!

Ricki has been awesome in her understanding of the time I am spending on Academy business and I must thank her and the family for their support and understanding. Wait till you see the dress she bought for the Gala, all eyes will certainly be on her!

Ricki and I attended the University of Toronto Alumni Association dinner this weekend and had a wonderful time. We managed to raise almost 200K to assist patients in need.  BTW, we didn't win the raffle for the trip to Italy. There is always next year!

Last weekend I did manage to get out and do some photography and it was very busy and successful, not the usual for a "Nature" photographer. We managed to find a female moose a snowy owl, a wolfpack, and a porcupine which was friendly and hilarious while eating a sycamore branch! (no they can't shoot the quills)

I am regularly asked what my plans are for my year, and there are several areas we as a BOD and the other areas of leadership will be focusing on this year, however I will share with you that I have one main goal in mind, that while we strive to achieve greatness, we have lots of fun doing it!

I will try to Keep this blog going during the course of the year on a fairly regular basis to keep those who may be intereseted informed as to what goes on behind the scenes. Although this is not my primary skillset and so, if I get busy and let this slide a little, please send me a gentle reminder!

One month to go! I am truly honoured and excited.


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