Time is flying by!

It is hard to believe that Christmas holidays are behind us and we already find ourselves at the end of January. As I look ahead towards the last three months of my presidency, I am amazed at how quickly the time has flown by, and I am proud at what we, your leadership, have already accomplished. Yet I also reflect on what is still to be done.

I trust that what remains of the work our committees have been trying to achieve will be completed by the time we get together in Seattle in April, while other issues will need to be rolled over to be continued into our next year.

Our search for a new Executive Director is ongoing and making great progress. Our programs are running smoothly thanks to the great work of our dedicated staff in Madison. The Board of Directors is focused on future and visionary planning for our Academy, along with the day to day housekeeping items that require our constant attention.

The ABCD continues to focus on Accreditation, and we have taken the new computer modules for the Accreditation process for a test run and will now be fine tuning them to create an amazing experience for all of our Members in the Process of Accreditation.

In another couple of weeks, the Boards will be meeting in Chicago, a time that we bring many hours of preparation and work by committees to fruition. It will be time to review the bylaw changes to be brought to the attention of the membership. The Bylaws committee has been working tirelessly for a year reviewing the current bylaws and consulting with experts to refine our bylaws, define ambiguities, and provide clarity without changing the intent of the original bylaws. This has been a huge exercise and we look forward to presenting them to you.
Those who have put their names forward for positions in leadership are preparing their positions and speeches for the upcoming elections during the membership meeting in Seattle.  This will be an important meeting, as always, to determine the direction of your Academy, so make your plans now to attend the Seattle conference and the membership meeting.

Seattle is going to be a fantastic meeting. Great speakers, social events, and re-connecting with the lifelong friends we have all made as we share the camaraderie that is the AACD.
Your leadership, and the staff in Madison, continue to work hard in order to complete the tasks at hand including...
* Getting ready for Seattle
* Completing the budgeting process for next year
* Committee recommendations being brought to the board for consideration
* Continued cultivation of collaborative relations with other organizations
* Expanding educational opportunities both at home and abroad
* Recognition of the global and international scope of the Academy and the demographics of our future membership
* The continual improvement in existing and future programming
* Working hard to make sure the Seattle conference brings the education and social events to our members
* Building on our accomplishments by moving ahead creating a smooth  transition to the next year, and for many years to come as we ensure the relevancy of the future of the Academy.

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