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The Last Blog
Ron Goodlin President
It is truly hard to imagine the year has come and gone, and it has happened in a flash. At the beginning of the year, I outlined that this will be a year of change, and that it was. We were hoping for a lot more of some changes and a lot fewer of others that have confronted us, however we were able to roll with the punches and keep our focus.
The changes we experienced have given way to a fresh start.
We accomplished many things. Of course, as predicted, we were not able to complete all of our goals. However, we did accomplish most and we did more true work this year than ever before.

Several Ad Hoc committees and some newly-formed standing board committees have worked tirelessly this year to execute directives, gather information, research issues, test the waters by bringing ideas and scenarios to members for their input, consult with experts, and then finally bring their recommendations to the Board for approval. This year I had the honour of working with these wonderful volunteers on the various committees, averaging one conference call each night, Monday to Thursday, each week of this year. We took the weekends off in order to be able to have time for the myriad of phone calls! I want to thank those who dedicated their year to the Academy. I want to thank my wife, Ricki, for putting our life on hold for a year so I could dedicate my time to this Academy and its members.

We have broken down the silos between the various factions of leadership and opened communication internally through the President’s information council, affording open and transparent communication between us. We have made changes to bring clarity to the bylaws, and to make sure that we have consensus among all leadership before we bring it to the membership. We have created a set of documents about ethics, advocacy, code of conduct and procedures for resolution that will be agreed to by all leadership before the final policy is put into place. We have been engaging in diaglogue with many other like minded organizations, and some adversarial ones, where we are at the most, collaborating on various projects and at the least, finally talking to each other.

We have seen great strides in our credentialing module, we have created protocols for the membership meeting and other organizational procedures, and we have done much, much more. For those of you who want to really see the work we have accomplished, I would refer you to our website where you can review the minutes of our meetings. 

Most importantly, we have identified with clear understanding the challenges we face and are now able to move forward to continue the changes we need to make in order to remain relevant in the face of the issues that confront us.

We have a unique opportunity, with several members finishing their terms on the board, and a new Executive Director, to not only continue the very important direction we were so clearly able to identify this year, and we can continue the work on our roadmap to the future by revising our strategic plan and truly focus on the future vision of this Academy that will maintain our legacy as being the leaders in cosmetic dentistry worldwide. 

I welcome our new Executive Director, Barb Kachelski. We have a unique opportunity to start fresh.  I know your incoming President, Dr. Jack Ringer, and Barb will do a great job, and the new Board of Directors will make the most of this fresh start to keep this Academy great.

As I leave office I will look back and remember this year forever. It has been a year of change and a year of accomplishment.

See you in Seattle.


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