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2017 Evy Award Winners Announced

April 26, 2017 by AACD Executive Office

The AACD was thrilled to honor some of its most accomplished and dedicated professionals with Evy awards during the Celebration of Excellence closing reception on April 21, 2017 at the 33rd Annual AACD Scientific Session in Las Vegas.
The AACD Celebration of Excellence Award statuette has been dubbed “The Evy,” in honor of the late Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans, who was the creative force behind the award’s design.
Evy recipients are first nominated for the award by their colleagues and then are selected by the Awards and Recognition Committee. Evy award winners represent the most exemplary and talented individuals within the AACD and the industry who are dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry and to the highest standards of ethical patient care.
The 2017 Evy recipients* and their awards are as follows:

Peter Dawson, DDS — 2017 Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry Education

Dr. Dawson has enjoyed a brilliant career that has spanned decades. He has improved the quality of the dental procedures and is considered by some to be the most influential clinician and educator in dentistry. Dr. Scott Finlay accepted the award for Dr. Dawson, who was unable to attend.

Pascal Magne, M.Sc., Ph.D. — 2017 Outstanding Innovation in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Pascal Magne pioneered a revolutionary approach to the teaching of Dental Morphology, Function and Esthetics for freshman students at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.

Nancy Norling, DDS, FAACD — 2017 AACD Humanitarian Award

Dr. Norling is best known as being selfless. She travels to Guatemala to administer dental care and donates her time to the Mission of Mercy Dental Organization. She also serves on several boards including the St Jude Foundation and MACD.

​Wynn Okuda, DMD, FAACD — 2017 AACD Outstanding Service to the Academy

This year, two members received the award for Outstanding Service to the Academy. Dr. Okuda received the award for his vision and dedication to the Give Back a Smile program. He was unable to attend the awards presentation, so he received his award earlier in the week.

George Tysowsky, DDS, AAACD — 2017 AACD Outstanding Service to the Academy

Dr. Tysowsky is an accredited member with a passion for the profession and education. He has served the Academy in leadership roles on the Board of Directors, on the Professional Education Committee and was a Co-Chair of the annual meeting in Washington, D.C. He has been and is a constant advocate for the Academy and its principles in various disciplines of dentistry.

Andi Jean Miro, DDS — 2017 AACD Rising Star Award

Dr. Miro has been an AACD member since her 2nd year at NYU. She is the only undergraduate to have an article accepted and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, and she has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that she keeps at bay by attending numerous aesthetic courses.

​John C. Kois, DMD, MSD — 2017 Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry Award

Dr. Kois earned the 2017 JCD Award with his article titled “No Dentistry is Better than no Dentistry…Really? Understanding Modes of Tooth and Restoration Failures,” which explores tooth morbidity and how it relates to the extent of tooth restoration. Dr. Betsy Bakeman accepted the award for Dr. Kois, who was unable to attend the awards presentation.

Ray Bowen, D.D.S., D.Sc. — 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Bowen is best known for his development of dental composites, patented in the 1960s. His efforts led to the creation of BIS-GMA resin among other notable dental materials. Dr. Marilyn Calvo accepted the award for Dr. Bowen, who was unable to attend the awards presentation.

Joe Carrick, DDS, FAACD — 2017 Hall of Fame Award

Dr. Carrick served the Academy as an Examiner for Accreditation and Fellowship, he was a member of the Board of Directors and was the Academy’s 12th President. Sadly, Dr. Carrick passed away in January. His wife, Sandra Kreider Carrick, accepted the award on his behalf.

Congratulations to these dental professionals. To learn more about the Evy and to see previous winners, click here.

*Award recipients are pictured with AACD Awards and Recognition Committee Chair Marilyn Calvo, DDS, AAACD and outgoing AACD President Chiann Fan Gibson, DMD, AAACD.

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