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By subscribing to the AACD online discussion forum, users agree to be bound by the following "terms of service." If you do not agree to the following, please do not subscribe to the list, or please unsubscribe immediately.

1. Postings and e-mail sent on the discussion forums are entirely the responsibility of the individual. AACD accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of any messages. AACD does not screen messages before they are posted. Individuals submitting messages are subject to all legal restrictions in anti-trust law, slander and defamation law, and copyright law. Do not post anything which may be construed as an anti-trust violation, a copyright violation or as slander or defamation. If you are not familiar with your legal obligations under the law, do not post to this discussion forum.

2. The AACD discussion forum is a private electronic forum for AACD members only. No discussion content may be forwarded, copied, faxed or otherwise made available to nonmembers without the permission of the author and the AACD. A violation of this rule is grounds for immediate dismissal. Any non-member who subscribes or any member who ceases to be a member will be removed, when identified.

3. AACD reserves the right to bar any member who, in AACD's sole opinion, engages in personal attacks, slander or defamation of any individual or company. The AACD will tolerate no inappropriate behavior or language in its attempt to create a positive exchange of ideas amongst its members. This does not prohibit members from respectfully disagreeing with the opinions of other members. Open discussion is the purpose of the discussion forums.

4. There can be no discussion of fees, costs, allocation of markets, boycotts or any other matter that might tend to create anti-trust or price-fixing concerns with government regulators.

5. The discussion forums are only for the discussion of technical, clinical and business issues relating to cosmetic dentistry. It is not to be used for jokes, humor, political or social comment, or other discussions not relating to cosmetic dentistry and AACD's mission.

6. This discussion forums not to be used to advertise any product or service, and AACD reserves the right to bar members who engage in prohibited promotions. This does not mean that members cannot respond to requests from other members for recommendations or evaluation of materials, products or services relating to cosmetic dentistry.

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