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About AACD

Professional Education Committee (PEC)

There will be one open position in 2018 which needs to be filled by a laboratory technician.

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  • Select program direction, and program specifics for AACD educational events
  • ​Select topics and speakers and delivery vehicles (in person/electronic) to assist AACD members in attaining the highest level of personal, professional and leadership skills 

Primary Duties

  • Develop educational programming for all AACD educational sessions, i.e. Annual Scientific Session regional and international meetings and virtual programs
  • Identify industry partners who have the potential of supporting AACD educational sessions
  • ​Utilizing personal and professional relationships for the purpose of recruiting speakers and corporate materials/products

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

  • Familiarity and the ability to connect with high quality, innovative educators, the meeting process and overview of AACD
  • Understands excellence in cosmetic dentistry and has good experience with continuing education
  • Strong educational vision, an understanding of what this educational vision means to the Academy and looking to strengthen and grow the AACD through this vision
  • ​Pulse on what profession wants in CE

Time Requirements

  • Attend three face-to-face PEC meetings and attend monthly PEC conference calls
  • ​Attend the AACD Scientific Session and actively participate in the scouting and assessments of the educational program

Length of Term

Three years

Committee Size

(1) Member ABCD Representative and (1) Member Laboratory Technician are required 
The AACD Executive Committee is ex-officio non-voting members 

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Leadership Opportunities

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