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About AACD

University Relations Committee

There will be four open positions (one for a one-year term and three for a two-year term). 

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To improve coordination among the volunteer groups currently working or planning to work with universities, faculty or students. 

Primary Duties

  • Further AACD’s strategic goals to advance cosmetic dental education and to increase membership by interfacing with universities and their involvement with AACD.
  • Serve as the hub/coordinating arm for AACD university interactions: University Educators Forum, University Outreach, university charitable foundation fundraising efforts, poster session, HEAPS and Apex Award promotion and coordination, and any new university-related concepts.
  • Determine the structure, composition, focus and meeting process of the University Educators Forum
  • Specifically define the intended benefit to the Academy of relationships with universities which ties in with the program development process
  • Develop criteria, if any, that define eligibility for membership in University Educators Forum

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Demonstrated familiarity with dental universities' education curriculum.

Time Requirements

  • Monthly conference calls
  • ​Annual face-to-face meeting at the Scientific Session  

Length of Term

Two years

Committee Size

(6) Full-time faculty members  (1) Member ABCD representative

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Leadership Opportunities

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