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Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry by AACD Accredited Fellow,
Sam S. Sadati, DDS; Photo by Gary D. James

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Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry and photo by AACD Accredited Member,
Bernie B. Villadiego, DDS

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Real Patient. Real Result.

Dentistry and photo by AACD Accredited Fellow,
Susan Hollar, DDS

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AACD 2016 | Toronto


A Global Approach to
Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence

April 27-30

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What's Cosmetic
Dentistry to an
AACD dentist?
It's more than a pretty smile. 
AACD dentists pledge to practice responsible esthetics & promote overall oral health & function.

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Treating Dental Caries White Paper
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Effectively Treating Dental Caries:
20 Tips on CAMBRA

Get the tools you need to begin treating your patients’ underlying biofilm dysfunction that results in dental caries. In order for the cosmetic dentist to provide excellent esthetic care and predictable treatment outcomes, the underlying biofilm disease needs to be resolved through a careful esthetic restorative plan. Use these 20 tips to get started developing a caries management by risk assessment system (CAMBRA) to use in your own practice. 

Bonus: An updated caries risk assessment form is also included, so you can simply print the form and begin using it immediately in your practice.

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Continuing Education for Cosmetic Dentistry

AACD’s new Virtual Campus is your one-stop shop for all Academy education content, and it’s included with your AACD membership.  “Young practitioners could learn an awful lot from this treasure of resourceful material.” - Michael Sesemann, DDS, FAACD, AACD Past President 2009-2010.

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