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Accreditation Guide 2015

New and Online: AACD Introductory Guide to Accrediation
Education, inspiration, motivation and profitability

AACD Accreditation is an honor. It’s a sign of one’s commitment to the cosmetic dental industry. Often, Accredited members say it’s not really about earning the credential, rather it’s about the learning, the professional growth, and the confidence that comes from the journey along the way. This guide will give you an overview of the credentialing process, and we hope that your desire to earn this credential—and further your professional and personal growth—is sparked. Learn how to the process works and start your own journey today. Click here.




AACD Members Exceed the Industry Norm

Posted: 1.22.15

If you’ve suspected that general members and Accredited members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry are above average, we now have data to support your hunch! Check THIS out!

The CRITICAL Business Mistake 98 Percent of AACD Dentists Make

Posted: 1.22.15

AACD members invest significant time, energy, and resources in clinical training, but the challenge is patients won’t benefit from your expertise if the staff can’t get callers into the office for treatment, or if patients cancel their appointments. The two areas of training (clinical and management) go hand-in-hand: expertise in one is wasted without expertise in the other. Read more now.

Tony and GRAMMY Winner, Billy Porter, Supports Give Back a Smile

Posted: 1.22.15

Tony and GRAMMY Award winner, Billy Porter reaches out to those who’ve received dental injuries from domestic or sexual violence and how the AACD Charitable Foundation's Give Back a Smile program may be able to help. Watch the video here.


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