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Click here to supply your personal information required to access and download the Photographic Documentation and Evaluation in Cosmetic Dentistry: A Guide to Accreditation Photography (PDF) Added September 2012

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AACD Accreditation (PDF) (Introduction to Accreditation) Added October 2012
Cosmetic Dentistry State of the Industry Survey 2013 Download Now:
Cosmetic Dentistry Revenues Rising: 2013 State of the Industry Report (PDF)
Added December 2013
Treatment Planning

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A Systematic Approach for Treatment Planning (PDF)
Added January 2013

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Dental Social Media Marketing Success:
The Five Must-Have Components

Added August 2013


6 Steps

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Six Steps to Consider When Closing a Diastema (PDF) Added May 2012

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Guide to Grassroots Fundraising for Dental Students and Study Clubs (PDF) Added July 2012

AACD Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry Article Vault for University Educators and Students

jCD 2012

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Myths vs. Realities:
Feldspathic Stacked Porcelain Veneers and Pressed Porcelain Veneers
(PDF) Added October 2012

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Principles of Smile Design Demystified (PDF) Added October 2012

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20 Tips for Resin Veneer Cements
How to Choose a Cement for Porcelain Laminate Veneers
(PDF) Added October 2012

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Anterior Extraction & Implant Placement in a Severely Deficient Site
Multidisciplinary Enhancement of Hard and Soft Tissue Profiles
(PDF) Added October 2012