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Keeping Your Smile
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Raising the Bar on Healthy Smiles
Tasty Cocktails Made from Wholesome Ingredients for Oral Health

According to recent studies, cocktails infused with wholesome ingredients can improve immunity and offer a tasty tonic for teeth. The next time you are looking for refreshment, seek beverages that use fruits, vegetables, grains and other super-food ingredients.

A 2010 University of Texas study showed that consuming one to two alcoholic drinks a day could increase longevity and infusing them with curative ingredients could improve immunity and may alleviate many ailments, like stress and high blood pressure.

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To share insight on creating healthier beverages, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) partnered with professional mixologists and a cosmetic dentist to create “Raising the Bar on Healthy Smiles.” This online collection of original, curative cocktail recipes benefits smiles while offering a unique twist to entertaining.
The recipes were developed by mixologists Ira Koplowitz and Nicholas Kosevich, owners of Bittercube, a maker of handcrafted artisanal bitters using only ‘raw’ ingredients. AACD member Dr. Ken Banks, a West Virginia cosmetic dentist who operates his own healthy beverage company, Dr. B’s Teas, also contributed two original recipes to this collection.
Dr. Ken Banks

“There are numerous accounts throughout history of monks, physicians, and alchemists who were interested in distilled alcohol as a cure for ailments, so it makes sense that these great-tasting recipes could also have healthy benefits,” said Ira Koplowitz, co-owner of Bittercube.

A Bit About Bitters

Bartenders Bitters
Introduced in the early 1800s, bitters are an amalgamation of roots, barks, flowers, and herbs extracted through high proof spirits and softened with sugar, citrus, and water. At roughly 45% alcohol, bitters are as high in alcohol content as many spirits. But unlike spirits, they are concentrated liquid spice and used only in small amounts for flavoring, in the same way you would use a vanilla extract. Originally created to cure sea sickness and stomach maladies for sailors, bitters became and are now a common ingredient in a number of tasty cocktail recipes. Once tried in cocktails, bitters literally became indispensable. In 1848, the Dictionary of Americanisms defined a cocktail as “a stimulating beverage made of brandy, gin, or other liquor, mixed with bitters, sugar and very little water". In addition to being an essential ingredient in cocktail creation, bitters are also used to improve appetite and aid in digestion.

Today, bitters are experiencing a resurgence with craft cocktails and celebrity mixologists.

“Selecting healthy, natural super-foods with specific functions improves the ability of our body to create that beautiful smile we all desire,” said Dr. Ken Banks, AACD cosmetic dentist and contributor to the recipe collection.

The benefits of drinking tea are well documented. Its high flavonoid content helps fight diseases like cancer and reduces risk for heart disease.

When creating drinks for your next party or social gathering, adding these ingredients may benefit oral health:
green tea
Green tea
A high flavonoid content helps fight diseases like cancer and reduces risk for heart disease.
The Malic acid in strawberries acts as a safe bleaching agent that rivals many expensive teeth whitening products.
Packed with more vitamin C than any other fruit; Vitamin C-rich foods are natural teeth "whiteners."
Contains vitamin K, C, and other substances that promote healing. Eating pineapple generates a healing alkaline response in the mouth.
Fresh bananas provide adequate levels of minerals like copper, magnesium, and manganese. Magnesium is essential for bone strengthening.
Activates saliva production which assists in cleansing food particles from the teeth and dilutes sugars or acids in the mouth.
carrot juice
Carrot juice
Loaded with vitamin A, which is essential in forming tooth enamel.
lemon juice
Lemon juice
While lemons are quite acidic, they’re a surprisingly good alkaline food that helps balance the body’s pH.
lime juice
Lime juice
Limonoids are disease-fighting compounds found in citrus fruits, such as limes and lemons. The body can readily absorb and use a specific, long-acting limonoid called limonin. Limes and lemons contain almost as much limonin as they do vitamin C.
coconut water
Coconut water
A good choice for adding flavor without the calories. In fact, it has fewer calories, less sodium, and more potassium than a sports drink.
Has anti-inflammatory properties which supports healthy mouth tissue.
Contains compounds called isothiocyanates which stop bacteria from growing.
Regularly consuming cilantro aids in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.
Chew mint leaves, which have antimicrobial properties, to fight the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, teeth, and tongue.
A natural antibiotic, reduces mouth bacteria.
Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef. Iron is essential for good health.
The primary chemical component in lemongrass herb is citral which has strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Learn more about the research behind some of these super-foods and their effect on oral health. (European Journal of Dentistry)   Paediatric Caries Research Program

For these recipes, you’ll need a jigger, which will help with all the measurements noted below. We recommend the Oxo Jigger (available online and via stores such as Target).


Recipe Index
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From the Wild
Upon Return
Upon Return
The Cha Jing
(The “Tea Classic”)
Green tea

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The Cha Jing
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Bestir My Heart
pineapple juice
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Iron Tide
Heed the Horn

For the Gander
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Xy Tai
A Mountain Maud
A Mountain Maud

Darling, Dear
Linje of Life
Linje of Life
Orchard and Pine
Orchard and Pine
Dr. B's Lemongrass
Tea Mojito

lemongrass mojito
Dr. B’s Tropical Breeze
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