Accredited Member Benefits

AACD Members who have achieved Accredited status enjoy many member benefits, including:
  • Use of AACD Accredited Member logo
  • Right to advertise Accredited member status
  • Preferred listing within the online referral directory (find a dentist or find a laboratory technician locators)
  • AACD Accredited Member pin
  • Recognition ribbon at the Annual AACD Scientific Session
  • Recognition onstage at the Annual AACD Scientific Session and your case featured in the Showcase of Excellence
  • Award upon attainment
  • Accredited Member medallion
  • Exclusive reception at Annual AACD Scientific Session
  • Public relations efforts on your behalf from the AACD Executive Office
  • Eligiblity to run for one of five designated seats on the AACD Board of Directors; and the right to run for ABCD and Executive Committee positions
  • Entitlement to vote for certain positions (ABCD and NALDC)
  • Eligibility for credentialing committee service (Accreditation Committee, Written Exam Committee, Accreditation Examiner)
  • Can be part of and participate in the Facilitators Program (reaching out to and encouraging members in the process)
  • Ability to be part of and present on behalf of the University Outreach Program
  • Potential to become an AACD Sanctioned Credentialing Educators
  • Can pursue AACD Fellowship