AACD Accreditation Class of 2013

 Accreditation Class of 2014!
The AACD announced its Accreditation Class of 2014. Twenty individuals were honored for their achievement at AACD 2014 in Orlando. Read More.

Showcase of Excellence

Click here to view the Showcase of Excellence, select cases from the Accreditation Class of 2014.

Introductory Guide to AACD Accreditation

Click here to read an Introductory Guide to AACD Accreditation.

"Why should I become Accredited? To be honest, I wondered the same thing myself, but I can speak from personal experience that Accreditation has fundamentally changed the way I look at a smile. And since I’ve achieved Accreditation, I will always judge my results against those high standards." 
— John Weston, DDS, FAACD

The Accreditation Process
Developed by the AACD, the Accreditation process is the world’s most recognized advanced credentialing program encouraging further education, interaction with like-minded colleagues, and the opportunity for professional growth. Accreditation requires dedication to continuing education and responsible patient care. Learn More.

Castle Testing Center

The Accreditation Written Exam:
Now at a Testing Center Near You!

The written exam can now be taken at one of more than 400 Castle Testing Centers worldwide. While the exam will continue to be offered at the AACD's annual scientific sessions, Castle provides another option for those seeking Accreditation. Click here.

AACD Criteria Guide

Resources for Success
AACD provides its Members in the Process of Accreditation with the tools they need to make the journey toward Accreditation more predictable and enjoyable. Learn More.

Open Accreditation
Not an AACD Member? Not a problem. AACD now offers non-members the opportunity to start down the road toward Accreditation. Learn More.

Why Should You Select an AACD Accredited Dentist?
Becoming an AACD Accredited professional is a rigorous process. Candidates must complete a demanding clinical testing process which requires a high degree of commitment and perseverance. Read More.


AACD Celebration of Accreditation
The achievement of the AACD credential is one of dentistry's highest honors, as depicted in this
Celebration of Accreditation video.

In Other Accreditation News...
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) announced that 28 dental professionals have recently been awarded Accredited Member status—the largest group to be awarded the coveted AACD credential to date. Learn More.